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What do we wash?

Our bedding laundry in Dresden recommends regularly washing Pillows, duvets, mattresses, waterbed pads, and wool blankets.

Why do we wash?

Cleaning home textiles is recommended, as harmful mite excrement will be removed with it. Our bedding laundry in Dresden will help you keep your bedding hygienic.

We also pick up – our service for you!

Oftentimes one moment of carelessness is enough to cause heavy stains on cushions, beds, and pillows. In this case, fast action is important – with the help of our Experts from the DTR bedding laundry in Dresden. Sun sails and awnings also require regular cleaning, to keep looking good as new. For stain removal as well as regular professional cleaning for hygienic reasons, we are just the right point of contact for you. Rely on us to use the most efficient and gentle cleaning methods. Do you wish to know more about our services and methods? Call or write to us! We are always at your side.


Your DTR Bedding Laundry in Dresden: More services

Professional cleaning of feather beds and wool blankets

Hygienically clean feather beds or wool blankets are an important basis for a pleasantly comfortable feeling in your bed. From a health point of view, regular professional bed cleaning/feather cleaning is also important to remove harmful mite excrement. This is where our specialists come in, by regularly cleaning beds, blankets, or pillows with a special wet treatment in water baths. During these water baths, we effectively remove sweat or mite droppings. Our service also enables reliable disinfection or bleaching (if necessary).

Your specialist for cleaning Awnings, sails, and screen fabrics

Awnings, sails, and sunshades are permanently exposed to weather conditions that leave traces on the fabrics. Green coatings or bird droppings often settle on them as well. This is where our professional cleaning comes in. Our cleaning methods are aimed at removing the impurities and counteracting damage to the fabric. We are happy to apply an effective and long-lasting impregnation to these sails, umbrellas, or awnings at your request. Our services create an important basis so that you can use the value and optics of your garden or balcony equipment as long as possible. This way we ensure that the value and function of the individual items are maintained.

We´ll clean your duvets, mattresses, and pillows

For hygienic reasons, you should have wool blankets, mattress pads, comforters, or pillows made of synthetic or down-cleaned regularly. In addition, good mattresses also require regular cleaning. We will gladly take care of this service for you. At regular intervals, our professional bed laundry will ensure that your pillows, mattresses, or mattress covers are effectively freed from mites, viruses, or bacteria. Thus, you lay an important foundation for healthy and restful sleep. Because mites and mite excrement in particular pose a lasting threat to health, having your bed professionally washed by us has a noticeably positive effect on your health. In addition, pads, pillows, or mattresses may come into contact with sweat, urine, or vomit. These legacies are unhygienic and leave an unpleasant odor. With the help of proven methods, we effectively remove residues of urine, sweat, vomit, or their odors.

Benefits of professional upholstery cleaning

When impurities penetrate deep into upholstered furniture, the stains are particularly difficult to remove. Gentle and thorough cleaning by our experts is a good solution to avoid permanently damaging upholstery. From stain treatments to touch-ups to impregnation of upholstery, professional upholstery cleaning by our experts effectively helps maintain the value of your upholstered furniture. Whether stubborn stains, residues of vomit, or animal urine: professional upholstery cleaning achieves the desired effect in many respects. By using special equipment for upholstery cleaning, we clean your upholstery not only visibly, but cleaned thoroughly.