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DTR Bed Laundry: We clean overlays, mattresses & pillows

Mattresses, overlays, or pillows are important tools for sleeping comfortably on them and starting the next day full of energy But too permanently benefit from peaceful and restful sleep, a clean bed is mandatory. A normal mattress contains several million dust mites, which continuously multiply. In addition, all the hair and skin particles that people lose during sleep accumulate in the bed. In addition, it is unavoidable that sweat or other body fluids get through the bed sheet directly into the mattress. Anyone who eats or drinks in bed also risks leaving food residue on the mattress. In the long run, impurities remain on overlays, mattresses, and pillows, which should be effectively removed. This measure is highly advisable for hygienic or health reasons.

How often should mattresses or pillows be cleaned?

There are no exact recommendations for the frequency of professional cleaning. In case of fresh stains, it is advisable to clean the pillows or mattresses immediately. This will prevent the stains from penetrating too deeply into the fabric. Allergy sufferers are well advised to subject their pillows, pads, and mattresses to regular bed cleaning. This measure significantly reduces the number of mites in your bed. For beds or pillows with synthetic filling, specialists recommend annual professional cleaning.

Advantages of professional cleaning

In most cases, professional bed cleaning is useful to effectively clean heavily soiled mattresses or pillows again. However, the deeper and more long-term contamination penetrates the fabric, the higher the risk that the dirt will remain partially visible even after cleaning. Professional bed cleaning offers particularly positive effects for the elimination of mites, some of which even disappear completely after our intervention. For professional cleaning, our experts use environmentally friendly special detergents that effectively eliminate dirt as well as unpleasant odors. In addition, we will be happy to demonstrate our skills by disinfecting your beds with the help of UV rays. In addition, we rely on proven methods such as a full wash with soap solution and water as well as drying in dryers.

For a pleasant sleep feeling

Pore-deep cleanliness promotes healthy sleep and enables a pleasant feeling of well-being in one’s bed. Our specialists at DTR Bedding Laundry contribute to this feeling of well-being with their service. Contact us. We can quickly and easily arrange an appointment for your bed laundry. Benefit from our high standards of service and a fair price-performance ratio.